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Take complete control of your energy management system with M-Power's User Access Management feature. Empower your team to collaborate efficiently, customize access levels, and ensure secure access to energy monitoring data.

Maximize efficiency with M-Power's User Access Management

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Add Unlimited Users

  • Seamlessly add new users with customizable access levels.
  • Tailor access permissions to match individual roles and responsibilities within your organization.

Effortless Device Management

  • Manage device details effortlessly through intuitive interfaces.
  • Ensure team members can access the necessary information to optimize energy usage effectively.

Secure Access

  • Safeguard energy monitoring data with robust security measures.
  • Maintain privacy and confidentiality through encrypted user authentication.

Empower your team and simplify collaboration for optimized energy management

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Collaborative Optimization

  • Foster teamwork and collaboration to drive energy efficiency initiatives across your organization.
  • Enable seamless communication and coordination among team members.

User Management

Create Users

Easily add new users by providing essential details such as name, username, password, email, and contact information.

User Dashboard

Access a centralized dashboard to view user profiles, including name, email, contact details, creation date, and administrative actions.


Access Control

Assign specific access levels to users for individual devices, allowing them to view or edit monitoring data as required.

User Updates and Password Management

Update user information and manage passwords effortlessly.

Ensure user details remain up-to-date and secure.


Optimize Collaboration, Enhance Efficiency

With M-Power's User Access Management feature, streamline collaboration and enhance efficiency across your organization. Customize access levels, manage user profiles, and easily ensure secure access to energy monitoring data.


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User Access Management allows seamless addition of team members with customizable access levels, facilitating efficient collaboration and task delegation.

Yes, access permissions can be customized to match the specific roles and responsibilities of each team member, ensuring they only have access to relevant data.

M-Power employs robust security measures, including encrypted user authentication, to safeguard energy monitoring data and maintain privacy and confidentiality.

Adding new users is straightforward – providing essential details such as name, username, password, email, and contact information to create their profile.

Access levels can be assigned to users, allowing them to view or edit monitoring data for specific devices as required, enhancing control and security.