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Take control of your energy monitoring devices with M-Power's comprehensive Device Management feature. From monitoring device details to setting up alerts and creating meters, M-Power simplifies the management process, allowing you to optimize performance and efficiency effortlessly.

Optimize your energy monitoring with M-Power's Device Management

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Device Details

  • Monitor essential device information such as Device Name, Device Code, Mac Address, IMEI Number, and relay status.
  • Stay informed about input pin statuses, including Pin1, Pin2, and Pin3, along with their descriptions.

Meter Management

  • Create and manage meters easily by providing details such as Meter Name, slave ID, register type, make, model, and communication settings.
  • Keep track of meter parameters, subscription status, and history for effective monitoring.

Alert Settings

  • Set up alerts for relays and input pins based on specific threshold conditions to receive timely notifications.
  • Customize alert settings to suit your monitoring requirements and enhance device management.

User Details

  • Accessing user profiles, their respective access types, and their contact information facilitates seamless collaboration.

Simplify device management and maximize efficiency for superior performance

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Create Relay and Input Pin

  • Configure relays and input pins according to threshold levels and desired actions.
  • Add descriptions for clarity and reference to streamline device management.

Create Parameter

Define parameters for meters, set threshold levels, and specify actions based on parameter deviations to optimize energy consumption.


Streamlined Management, Enhanced Performance

With M-Power's Device Management feature, streamline operations and maximize performance across your energy monitoring system. Simplify device management tasks and optimize energy usage effortlessly with M-Power.


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You can monitor the Device Name, Device Code, Mac Address, IMEI Number, relay status, and pin status.

Easily create and manage meters, track parameters, subscription status, and history for effective monitoring.

Yes, customize alerts for relays and pins based on specific thresholds for timely notifications.

Access user profiles, their corresponding access types, and contact information to facilitate seamless collaboration within your team.

Configure them according to threshold levels and actions, adding descriptions for clarity.