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Explore the intricate details of your energy consumption with our Detailed Monitor Report feature. Gain comprehensive insights into your energy system's performance, pin statuses, consumption trends, and more. M-Power's Detailed Monitor Report provides the data you need to optimize energy usage and make informed decisions.

Explore the complexities of your energy consumption with M-Power's Detailed Monitor Report

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Reading Report

  • Dive deep into the specifics of your energy consumption with detailed readings for Pin 1, Pin 2, and Pin 3.
  • Monitor received and consumed energy.
  • Stay alert with Power Factor (PF), Low Voltage (LV), and High Voltage (HV) alerts.
  • Track total watts and volts for each phase (R, Y, B), along with VA volts and amps.
  • Identify failures and track their duration for efficient troubleshooting.

Consumption Report

  • View consumption trends over time, including each pin's start readings and kWh consumption.
  • Analyze average, minimum, and maximum values for watts, LN, LL, and amps.

History Report

  • Keep track of inputs and relay on-off history.
  • Monitor each event's type, on-time, off-time, and duration for better understanding and control

Notification Report

  • Stay informed about power interruptions, communication failures, and voltage or power factor anomalies.
  • View alert types, on-time, off-time, duration, alarm values, and differences in values during the alert interval.

Optimize your energy management strategy and stay ahead with detailed insights

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Alert Report

  • Customize alerts based on your organization's specific needs.
  • Receive notifications regarding parameter deviations, timestamps, messages, values, and corresponding limit names.

Take Control of Your Energy Management

With M-Power's Detailed Monitor Report, you have the tools to optimize energy usage, identify potential issues, and maintain peak efficiency. Unlock the power of detailed data analysis and make proactive decisions to drive your energy management strategy forward.


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M-Power is designed for easy installation and setup, with straightforward instructions to get you started quickly.

Yes, M-Power is compatible with a wide range of smart homes and building automation systems, allowing for seamless integration and enhanced control over your energy usage.

Yes, M-Power provides a mobile app that allows you to monitor your energy usage from anywhere, giving you flexibility and convenience.

Yes, M-Power offers incentives and rewards programs to encourage users to adopt energy-saving practices and achieve their sustainability goals.

Absolutely. M-Power offers multi-site monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track and manage energy usage across all your properties from a single platform.